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new-pathThe last 15 years has been an amazing ride in the tech world. The times, as Bob Dylan put it, well they surely have changed. With the Internet firmly upon us, right now we have opportunities never before offered to us to live how we want.

Today we have more powerful computers, tables, smartphones, Apps, and more importantly an thriving eco system where anybody with a decent idea can capture a global audience at the click of a finger.

So Much has Changed

These are also crazy times too, but in such a better way than in the late-90′s, early 2000′s. Today’s craziness is about what is possible. What has and can be achieved. Who would have thought that “social media” would have been such a big deal for businesses. Blogging was created during this period, then came along Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.

What I’m getting that is that the virtual world has become smaller over the past decade. With faster broadband, cheaper space and the growing acceptibility of online purchasing, means that this has never been a better time to be thinking about creating and succeeding with your very own online business.

So What is a “Lifestyle Business”?

But let’s go even further. Rather than slave away and create an online business, it has become just as easy to create a “lifestyle business”. And what is a “lifestyle business”? It’s where you bring together your business goals and your lifestyle goals and work with them to create the greatest balance of all: a business that offers you the lifestyle that you desire.

These are the days we are in now. More than ever before, people are turning their backs on the “rat race” and the dreaded 9-to-5 daily grind to find that there is something better out there.

And this is where we come in. Home Office Voice is a online media outlet that sole passion is to help as many people get out of the rat race and into their own lifestyle businesses.

Shortly, we will be offering up our range of short eCourses and Special Report.

Together with those, we plan to write some great articles and blog posts that will feature here.

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