The First Days 0f 2014: Fail Fast, Always Learning

peacefulIn the last week of 2013 – you know: during the Christmas and New Years build up and festivities, I started to reflect on where I currently am in my life (personal, business, financial). I decided that first of all, 2014 was going to be My Year!

I also came to the conclusion that I have been heading more towards a minimalist mindset over the past six months, looking at simplifying things, getting rid of information overload (gosh, I never realised how much pdf reports, ebooks, and audio files I have … never read or listened to).

I made a conscious decision to tone down my activities on Facebook and to a lesser extent, Twitter.

I have completed that with Facebook … and I couldn’t be more happier.

I also decided that I was at a stage in my life where I liked the slow down philosophy – in business and in personal ways.

Life Has Never Been More Fun

Even after a week into this new way, I am absolutely loving it. I never realised how tied down I was with my few online projects, trying to work them, trying to build and engage across the many social networking platforms.

Arghhh. Too much. Once I had changed my mindset it has suddenly become more easier.

And lastly, I figured that one of the major changes would be to also stop kicking a dead horse, so to say.

Hence the core title to this post: Fail Fast.

With HomeOfficeVoice, I was on the right track. The business was about lifestyle, slowing down, work from home/anywhere. etc.,

There Are Some Really Awesome “Lifestyle” Business Sites

But really, my heart was not 100% in it. Conducting research in the first few days of this year, I have come across a number of really awesome sites (competitors to HomeOfficeVoice) that deal with the “lifestyle” business mindset.

In fact, I was so enthralled by a handful of them that I spent hours reading high quality articles, posts, and special reports.

I have subscribed to a handful of these sites and I am really enjoying them. And then it dawned on me: I don’t want to compete. I’m enjoying these sites so much more than I thought I would.

Now I could have gone on with HomeOfficeVoice (kicking a dead horse) but these days: being more calm, slowing down, enjoying life … I thought NO! Time is a premium and why would I want to waste it on something I was not 100% behind.

So I decided to (drumroll)…. Fail Fast!

And you know what: I have no regrets, I am not envious, I am not bitter – in fact, far from it.

Failing Fast is the Smartest Thing To Do, Next…

Failing fast is the best way to start a business: give it a shot and when or if you just know it will not work, simply get out … move on. Next please.

So I am happily saying adios to HomeOfficeVoice and looking at some of my other projects (I have one if particular that I have been carrying around for 3 years that I am more passionate about).

So I’m phasing down HomeOfficeVoice once and for all and moving on. And I couldn’t be more happier.

Tomorrow, I’m going to a seaside pub in Melbourne for a decent steak and chips and a couple cold schooners. I might check my email, I might not. I might check my Twitter, I might not.

I’ll definitely be enjoying the offline/outside views.

So, Cheers to all and remember, enjoy your days…

Martin Neumann
Failing Fast, Happily Moving On, Always Learning